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Style Breakdown...

Modern-Modern style is minimalism, neutral tones, natural light, clean lines, very close to a minimalist style of design. Colors in this style are usually mono-chromatic.

Contemporary- This is a style that changes and moves with the times. So what was contemporary in the early 2000's might not be contemporary now. This style is usually an open floorplan and has a lot of natural light throughout the space. Eco friendly & energy conservative. The furniture is usually what is popular in that present time. You will see different styles intertwined throughout the space from different eras.

*Here is a good thought for this look, this is the mixture style, you will see different styles without a huge focus on one individual style in this space.

Farmhouse- Is quite popular right now, it is a cabin - inspired design approach. Nature with some traditional elements, reclaimed wood, neutrals, and whites give this style its clean and relaxing vibe, a very rustic feel to it.

Industrial-It emphasizes the use of exposed steel with distressed wood elements. You might see some exposed brick walls in this style also.

Traditional- This style is a European Design mainly in the18th and 19th century. You might see furniture pieces of the past often finished with fewer decorative elements these days. These spaces are usually set to be more functional, family friendly and comfortable. Crown molding, wainscoting are from this style. With this style its easy to see it mixed in with other styles, like the contemporary style for instance.

Coastal-Relaxing, unfinished wood, seashells, sand and jute ropes are popular in this style, the color blues and white are seen a lot throughout this look.

Minimalist- Strip back the unnecessary and leave only the things that absolutely matter to you in the home. That's this style, simple, less is more here. This can be very similar to a modern or mid-century modern style. Clean lines, functionality.








" What if im on a budget? "

answer: Facebook market place, thrift shops and refurbished items, refurbish your existing pieces in your home.

" What if my spouse and I dont agree on a style? "

answer: Then the transitional style is for you, you dont have to like the same things in a marriage but you do want to agree or compromise with each other, this way you both come home to a happy home.

" What if I like a style but dont know how to make it work with my current furniture & d├ęcor ? "

answer: Hire me as your designer, click the link on my website to schedule an appointment today, ill visit with you one on one and we will make a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Here are some helpful tips in finding your style


Your closet will speak to you, your favorite colors, your style in fashion, your favorite outfits.

Example: my favorite go to outfit is light faded tattered blue jeans, a navy blue tank top, some colorful earrings and comfortable flat shoes. This speaks about my home, I love rustic furniture, comfortable seating, Blue or green accents on the walls and a pop of color throughout the space that provides a relaxing and inviting home.

What does your favorite outfit say about you?


Where are all my Pinterest fans? Gentlemen if you are reading this today Pinterest is not only for women, there are wonderful ideas out there for interior design, color concepts, home remodels, people have shared so many ideas on this website that can create new ideas for anyone to make their own. TRY IT OUT.

I usually ask my customers if they have a Pinterest board for their home before i start a design project with them, their collective ideas will speak volume of their desire and wants in the home, and sometimes you just need help putting those concepts into one solid design. Feel free to follow my Pinterest board < https://pin.it/6nDC8iZ >

3.Magazine clippings

These are wonderful resources in finding specific pieces you like, circle them, cut them out, or take a picture and create your own unique board of inspiration. This one is great if you are not a Pinterest user. You can go to your local paint store and choose colors that you love and put these all together.

Remember friend, when it comes to design or colors its okay to change your mind, when expressing your style in your home, there's no right or wrong. Discovering what makes you happy is the over all goal, there are no rules here. That is what makes this so rewarding in the end, is coming home to what you created and what makes you happy, not something that came out of a magazine and you follow those rules exactly or the latest trends, trends come and go my friend.

I hope this information has been helpful to you and if you need further assistance in putting your design style into place please contact me and I will be glad to help you.



*all images for this blog have been found on google images for referencing.

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