I sat down to write this first blog and thought, "okay what on earth do I have to share with others in a blog that they would find interesting?"

(think, think, think...)

Well my favorite part of design in any element is color.

Did you know color affects our mood, our appetite and even our thinking?

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did you know?


Lets be real for a second, God made our world with so much color and texture that it kinda proves my point on the importance of color. If there wasn't any meaning or thought behind it our world probably would have been colorless. WELL THAT WOULD BE BORING!

Have you ever taken a silly little quiz online to find what your princess name is or how well you know the 80's genre, what about to find your personality color? I have taken a few and I'll post a link below for you to try out, I found this one test to be the most accurate to my personality.

Weirdly the color it has me tagged as is probably my favorite color to wear and my favorite color to use in design, whether it be the accents or the main color in the space.



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whats your color?

Color affects our mood huh? How?

Have you ever walked into a room that was painted a light blue that brought you a sense of calmness or peace?

What about when you walked into McDonalds and that bright yellow makes you hungry or a little anxious?

The restaurant Panera Bread uses green in the interior, to increase healthy eating.

Today I actually want to talk about color and how it affects our design concept in our home.

I will be using my color results as an example in how it can be used. Below is my color personality, yes I am a perfectionist in most things in my life.

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Okay Heather, how does this affect me or any decisions in color?

For me, this color test said I will sacrifice my needs and leave my life unbalanced to make others happy, I need structure in my life and inner peace. I am insecure in some parts of my life and have a hard time trusting people. I absolutely need that peace to keep me balanced and focused on my goals.


I absolutely am getting personal, I am human and have my trials, tribulations like everyone. When you are aware of yourself and your personal needs in life you are that much closer to achieving happiness, peace, and balance. We all achieve that in different ways.

Blue for me gives me confidence, peace, happiness. It soothes me. Here are a few images using the color blue in design and those earthly, natural colors MADE BY GOD that bring me happiness and balance.

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Customer Question: What if my personality color is not a color I want in my home, its too bold, bright, boring etc. for me.

My Response: That's okay! Good design doesn't have rules. What works best for you might not be what's best for someone elses home. As far as color, color has so many shades to it, and it could be a warm or cool color that we could use to find alternate colors for your space.

For example, my color is blue, I might not be wanting to paint all of my interior walls blue, but it is considered a cool color and I could use light grey paint color on all the main walls and use blue paint color in pillow accents or one accent wall.

What if I don't want blue in my home at all? I'd look for another cool color to use in my design like greens or purple. I actually have changed my master bedroom look from blue accents to green accents just recently and I love it, it still brings me a sense of happiness and peace. But I kept with the cool colors because I know for me personally they bring me happiness I need.

Even with this information it still can be overwhelming to choose color or create a design concept for your home.

That is where I come in...YOUR INTERIOR DESIGNER.

With my services I come into your home, get to know you and your hopes, dreams for your space. I get a feel for the colors that are loved or PLEASE HEATHER DON'T PUT THAT IN MY HOME kind of colors lol I will also provide new design concepts that you might not have thought of or a new color contrast idea. No, you do not have to take this color test I've mentioned today to use my services. To me this was a fun and interesting insight into my personal color.

Let's chat today about your upcoming project, need some interior or exterior color advice or wanting to make additions, make some changes in your design concept. We can help you with that.