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Welcome to my part of the internet where I share my passion for Interior Design & paint color. Choosing items for our space can become so overwhelming. My job is to make that easier for you, and to help you achieve your dream home look. I am so glad you stopped by, and I look forward to a chance to work with you.


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I am Heather Guidry and over the years I have obtained an AAS in Interior Design, AAS in Drafting Technology and 8+ years of paint color consulting, and a certification in SketchUP and I am now a published author. I have spent a lot of time helping clients achieve their dream decor, whether its changing the floor plan or adding exciting paint colors to a space they never thought of doing. I love my job and I love helping people with their home projects. I am a single mom of an amazing boy who I love doing life with. So having a job I am passionate about, where I can make my own time with him and teach him how to work for his passion in life is the legacy I want to leave behind.

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Some of our favorite reviews

Heather and her team were phenomenal. As I am out of their core area, she hired a sub contractor based on recommendations she received from a trusted source. His work was far sub par to her standards and she instantly took over and made it right. The color from the paint store did not match the samples and she made that right as well. Rare you will see a business owner these days outside pressure washing concrete that a sub messed up! The work her team did was amazing, but more importantly, her professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction is beyond reproach. I would highly, highly recommend them for ANY project!


"Heather & her team came to my house & helped me choose colors that would give my kitchen an updated look with the budget I had at that time. She was very professional and I felt comfortable & happy with the color & design decisions. Juan and his crew did a great job of keeping the workspace clean and tidy throughout the project and completing it on time."


I called Heather because we needed help with painting the outside of the house and wanted something different in the neighborhood. We connected immediately, very sweet spirit. She really opened our eyes to color, helped us with the difference between warm & cool colors. She made it simple, not complicated. She didn't overwhelm us with too many options. What I really liked was when we went out to the front of the house and looked at the neighborhood and she showed us the reason why she would choose the color that we liked because it was different than any other house and it made sense. We chose alabaster white and though there was a pure white house two doors down & catty corner across the street, she showed us how the color we chose would "pop" among the other surrounding house colors. We highly recommend her and would use her again.

Luanne S.

Hi Heather!! The painters just wrapped up a little bit ago, and i just wanted to say thanks again for your help on colors!! We love the way everything turned out, and we really like the copper wire orange look on the wall too. Super excited right now!

John A.

We love how it turned out! Thanks again for your guidance...you are fabulous.

Kat m.

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